The $NEXP token

$NEXP ( NEAR eXperience Points) is the utility and loyalty token dedicated to NFT enthusiasts on NEAR Protocol.

The main purpose of the $NEXP token is to reward early NFT adopters on NEAR and add additional utility for our NFTs & others collections.

But what about utility?

  • Ability to buy NEARton NFTs via $NEXP
  • NEARton will create the ecosystem around it so both residents and guests will be able to spend $NEXP inside the town.
  • Partnerships with NFT collections will let people buy some part of supply via $NEXP

Loyalty aspect:

Think about $NEXP not only as "money", it's like XP in RPG. The more good NFTs you collect, the more $NEXP you get.

$NEXP is the opportunity for the devs to engage their holders in the long term and give another reason to HODL their NFTs.

$NEXP Tokenomics

Total Supply - 100,000,000

$NEXP Distribution
Purpose% of Total SupplyNumber of TokensCirculation
Team15%15,000,00012-month vesting period
Marketing & Airdrops1%1,000,000Initial Circulation
Liquidity pools4%4,000,000Initial Circulation
VCs & Advisors15%15,000,0006-month vesting period
Public Sale15%15,000,000Initial Circulation
Staking Rewards50%50,000,00018-month distribution period

Total Initial Circulation - 20,000,000 (20%)